Short Stories

Autumn 900 x 150

Tailwind launched at the WriteAroundtheMurray Festival in September, 2016 by Anson Cameron 

In the launch speech Anson said: “Here’s how Beverley organizes a car crash, a cruel thing to do to a man, get him involved in a car crash when he’s daydreaming sexy daydreams about his wife. Even crueler, the accident leaves him catatonic, a virtual vegetable… but his wife (or Beverley, or both) goes on to heal him with music… the very music he was listening to when he had the crash. The story is called Strawberry Toes, and it’s a tough story, but in the end it’s a story full of hope.  Which seems to me to represent Tailwind pretty well. There’s drought, domestic violence, there are all of life’s travails. The book, in a sense asks that old Shakespearean question… “To be, Or not to be…” And always comes down on the side of “Be”.  A wonderful affirmation that, despite all, we can cope.

I urge you all to buy a copy of Tailwind. Bev I hope the book flies off the shelves like a flock of galahs. Congratulations.”

Beverley Lello and Anson Cameron at the launch of Tailwind, September 2016

If you would like to read one of the stories included in Tailwind, click on the following link: